So its all nearly over and this is my first proper post. There has been so much to do, places to go, people to meet and of course jewellery to see, I’ve been unable to find a moment to sit down and do this.

Not really sure where to start as its been all so completely overwhelming. I can’t express how amazing it has been to meet so many fantastic people who all have the same passions and obsessions as I do (amazing may be an over used word for the duration of this blog, just a warning).

My first day here I met up with Emi Fukuda, a talented and wonderful Japanese jeweller who came to Munich to attend the Munich Academy from RMIT in Melbourne. I found out about Emi when I did the Doris Betz workshop at RMIT in January (which was, by the way, amazing). So I emailed her and then here we were.

Emi took me to the Munich Academy and gave me a tour of the department and introduced me around. The Munich Academy jewellery department is in the imposing and grand looking main building of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.

I met Otto Kunzli.

Which was so exciting and an absolute pleasure. I also met Jiro Kamata who is also part of the staff at the academy.

The following days have been spent seeing jewellery exhibitions. I have probably seen literally thousands of jewellery pieces over the last few days, and the majority of them were fabulous. It has been pretty humbling.

Right now I am nursing a slight hangover so I may have to continue this later. Did I mention that one drinks beer when one comes to Munich? Yeah I’ve been doing that too.

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